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The digital extention of your fertility clinic

Leverage our digital solution to innovate your fertility treatment process. Create a more humane, personalized, and engaging experience for your patients.

Aima fulfills this need by becoming the digital extension of your clinic

We integrate your unique protocols into an easy-to-use platform and empower patients with real-time communication and personalized care, while providing clinicians with valuable insights for proactive treatment management.

Going beyond just medical treatment, Aima intertwines the clinical and personal aspects of fertility care. Explore the difference our clinician dashboard and patient-centric features make in the fertility treatment experience."

Empowering Clinics to Deliver Comprehensive Fertility Care with Aima

Every fertility clinic strives to provide comprehensive care that goes beyond medical treatment, understanding that patients expect support that's seamless, informative, and supportive. Aima stands as your clinic's digital extension, assisting you in meeting these expectations.

Our easy-to-use platform integrates your clinic's unique protocols, providing clinicians with valuable insights for proactive treatment management. This not only empowers your patients with real-time communication and personalized care, but it also enhances your clinic's operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

With Aima, we go beyond the clinical - we blend the medical and personal aspects of fertility care, offering a comprehensive solution that elevates your clinic's service delivery.

Experience the transformative impact of our clinician dashboard and patient-centric features on the fertility treatment journey. With Aima, your clinic can redefine the standards of fertility care.

Your dashboard : harness real-time data for optimized patient care

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Gain instant insights

Access real-time data on your patient's journey with easy to understand charts and trends analysis. Our real-time data tracking lets you monitor essential parameters like medication adherence, symptom progression, and treatment response. Make informed decisions based on accurate and timely data

Monitor effectively

Track clinic performance and patient progress with our comprehensive reporting feature. Monitor key performance indicators like patient retention, treatment success rate, and patient satisfaction. Utilize these insights to improve your service delivery and enhance patient outcomes.

Integrate with existing systems

Aima seamlessly integrates with your existing patient record systems, minimizing disruption to your operations. Compatible with a wide range of platforms, our solution makes it easy to consolidate and manage patient data. No need for drastic system overhauls — Aima works with what you have.

Hassle free implementation

Aima integrates with a wide range of patient record systems.

No need to change your current system to ensure you  provide connected care to your patients

Stay connected : deliver comprehensive support with our patient app

Enhanced communication

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Enhance patient engagement with Aima's automated communication features. Send personalized reminders for medication intake or upcoming appointments, update treatment protocols, and share relevant educational content.

Aima streamlines communication, ensuring patients stay informed and connected at every step.

Familiarize your team

Let your patients meet the medical team supporting them throughout their journey. From profiles that detail each team member's role and expertise to features that facilitate direct communication, Aima humanizes healthcare by making it easier for patients to know who is behind their care.

Holistic support

Aima understands that fertility care goes beyond medical treatments. Our platform provides a comprehensive approach to care, addressing not only the physical, but also the emotional and psychological aspects of the fertility journey. With Aima, patients have access to in-app supportive care 24/7, empowering them with the tools and resources they need to manage their journey more effectively. From verified health information to a supportive community, we aim to empower patients and provide an environment that acknowledges their complete wellness needs.

The patients' journey beyond fertility care


The patient accesses the app and connect with the clinic. They have access to their shared calendar .


They can access information on their treatment at any given time and confirm they have receive the information


The patients are empowered with verified health information on infertility, medications and treatments


They can access in-app supportive care 24/7. This allows them to better face the struggles they face along the way

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