Integrate to solutions your users already know

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NGOs l private company l insurers l international agencies


Give your user access to trustworthy information on their health in the platform they are already familiar with:

  • Give access to information to your beneficiaries at any given time and place

  • Decrease your cost of diffusion of basic health information

  • Allow remote area beneficiaries to access health services

  • Attract more beneficiaries to your physical facilities

  • Obtain a clear view of their needs to improve strategic decision making

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Connect to your existing platform, social media and more:

  • Increase engagement 

  • Help accurate triage

  • Increase loyalty

  • Connect with users that have no smartphone nor internet access via our SMS or USSD solution



Obtain accurate data on your user needs:

  • Increase your visibility

  • Make strategic decision based on real time needs

  • Adapt your products and services

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Decrease your deployment cost by scale the solutions you have chosen at a fraction of the cost